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Why Your Drilling Rig Getting Slowly?
Aug 08, 2016

As you know, your rig operates smoothly during the first 1 to 3 years. But it will get slowly days by days. Basis on our years experience, we summarize our experiences as below:

1. Oil Deposits:

During the 2000 hours of using rotary drilling rig, oil will be en-trained some micro air bubbles into it. And the oil will be oxidized from then on, acid substances generated after oil oxidation will change the color of the oil, or red or black , it increased of metal corrosion. Oil deposits from the corrosion will jam the oil filter, cooler and oil valves gaps on the distributor.


2. The Effects of Acid-substantial On The Rotating Drill System:

 Due to temperature difference in the morning and evening and the intrinsic factors of regional climate. Hot air in the oil tank after cooled into water droplets, so the oil will inevitably meet to moisture, water and air and the acid substantial caused by oxidation can make metal rust and corrosion, and affect the normal work of the hydraulic system.


3. Bubbles In The Oil:

In the hydraulic oil tank, oil mixed with air bubbles will follow the oil circulation, and also will reduce the system pressure. And if lubrication changed worse, it also will cause the abnormal noise, hydraulic piston rod blackening, mechanical speed slow, and incoherent, this is commonly known as "Mechanical cerebral thrombosis.


4. Oil Temperature Up Quickly:

Oil temperature rise up can also affect drilling rig working speed. Oil temperature will rise up while sediment blocked the hydraulic oil cooler. When temperature up to more than 70 degrees, lubrication will out of function under this high temperature. If oil under this high temperature condition for a long time it will increase the mechanical wear and vibration. In addition , bubbles also increased the meet surface of oil and air, also accelerated oil oxidation. Because of the cooler is equipped outside of the engine water tank radiator, so oil cooler under the role of engine suction fan will also increased the temperature of inside antifreeze, and make the engine heat dissipation abnormal and cause engine rise high temperature, thus the machine working speed will slow down a lot. Hydraulic oil under the high temperatures will cause the oil pipeline burst, oil seal broken and piston rod blackening, and also will cause serious economic losses for machine owners.


Above are from our experiences, wish can help you. And we will go on share our others engineering experience then. Expect you will like us. Any machine and engineering questions are welcomed to contact us and visit our website:  www.rejeedrilling.com

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