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Which Modes Does Drilling Rig Operate under In Large Drilling Works?
Oct 13, 2016

Large drilling wells project can not do without the use of drilling rig equipment, drilling wells for speed and efficiency greatly enhance its good performance drilling machine more extensive use of the crowd, especially in remote areas, but for the work of such equipmentmany of my friends are not very understanding below for everyone to be described in detail.
Drilling machine, how does it work?
The drilling machine works by pumping reverse circulation. It works: the role of the atmospheric pressure, the circulating fluid back to the ditch by the sedimentation tank through flow to the bottom of the well along the wellbore annulus gap, because the turntable drive drill pipe at this time, led the bit rotation for drilling, the negative pressure created by the mud pump suction debris mud suction drill pipe inner cavity, then rose to the faucet discharged into settling ponds, mud pumps, circulating fluid after precipitation continued to flow into the well bore, and so again and again, forming a reverse circulation drilling work.
Mud or water from the drill pipe into and outflow from the wellhead. For positive circulating drilling machine. Mud or suck out the water from the drill pipe, inflows from the wellhead. Reverse circulation drilling machine. Reverse circulation drilling fluid (mud or water) cycle in the drilling machine, drilling machine drill will have to produce the dregs, slag stone drilling, reverse circulation by these scum of the mud with to the ground, and then through the drilling mud and then return to the sedimentation tank. Stop the cycle, and finally into the hole. Reverse circulation with a larger diameter slag.


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