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What performance should the injection pump to have?
Aug 19, 2016

Grouting pump is key equipment in the process of construction, its performance, quality, efficiency, good or bad has a direct effect of slurry pump.If it is production unit spent a long time and much money blindly go choosing grouting pump, it must be reach the desired effect, but according to the needs of the enterprises to choose, lest cause unnecessary trouble.Grouting pump has good abrasion resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, safe and reliable, no noise, environmental protection, low friction coefficient, small volume, high efficiency, little vibration, and the advantages of good can be small, so it is widely used.So what grouting pump to the working performance?The following will introduce to simple.

Should have larger displacement range, general grouting eventually amount to differ with grouting amount of initial eight to ten times more, if the amount of end grouting is small that it's filling pressure is real;Second, the reliable pressure control ability, because filling pressure is real, transmission of resistance is big, pressure is high, naturally or easy to cause the safety accident;Three, grouting pump maintenance should not be too complicated, too complex, there is no necessary, but is as simple as possible, because the transport of some cement materials, solidification occurs easily, unless you are running, but it is unlikely, so must be convenient for maintenance.

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