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What Is Soil Nailing Wall Construction?
Mar 17, 2017

Soil nail wall construction is a technique used to bring soil stability in areas where landslides might be a problem. Soil nail can prevent landslides by inserting steel reinforcement bars into the soil and anchoring them to the soil strata. It is called Soil Nail because it’s like having a nail being hammered into the soil, where the nails, are the steel bars.


Meanwhile, a jet grouting anchor drilling rig is quite essential for such works. Our XL-50 Full hydraulic Anchor Drilling rig, which can be applied on ground or soil treatment and stabilization of railway, highway, bridge, dam, industrial and civil buildings with jet grouting technique, is your best choice for such projects.


For more information of this rig, please contact us and visit our website:www.rejeedrilling.com


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