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Ways to Extend the Life of Your Diamond Core Bit (II)
Dec 01, 2016

Choose the right waterway configuration. You should consider waterway configurations that specifically address the conditions you encounter.


Confirm water flow: Make sure there is proper and sufficient water flow to the bit. Make sure that your rods don’t leak Proper flow and pressure at the bit face will make sure rock cuttings are flushed and the bit is cooled.


Use a higher crown configuration - The Vulcan is a configuration option that allows you to extend your core bit life. It refers to the height of the crown and currently comes in 16 or 26 mm. The higher the crown the more meters you can achieve before having to change a bit and this is important when you are drilling a deep hole. The Vulcan configuration was designed with a bridge technology that reinforces the diamond sections. In the case of the Vulcan 26mm the secret of its success is its water management system. It is constructed with vertical pins under the bridge that ensure good fluid circulation all the way to the crown. The pins are made from the same alloy used in the matrix and will wear at the same rate. Once you reach the mid-point of the bit, they will drop out and allow full water flow to the face. These features ensure proper flushing and cooling of the crown and allow you to use every millimeter of the matrix.


Use a crown matrix that is customized for type of ground, i.e. abrasive ground , such as the HERO Abrasive line, that have been developed specifically for abrasive ground conditions. These bits have a special matrix consisting of alloys and diamonds that when combined, are very resistant to abrasive conditions and are easy to sharpen in the hardest conditions.

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