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Vertical Shaft hydraulic Rock Core Drilling Machine
Jun 21, 2016


The JU-1000 strengthened drilling machine is vertical shaft hydraulic pressure feeding in mechanical pressure head rotary drilling machine. It uses Dongfeng EQ140 gearbox and clutch; the compatible components increase the integral capacity of the drilling machine. It is mainly used in all kinds of engineering drilling such as diamond or hard alley rock core drilling in solid mineral bed, project address exploration, underground water and well etc. It is also suitable for engineering drilling such as ventilation in mine sap, drainage and stake radix perfusion stake hole, dyke slurry injection and leakage filling.


1, The speed of the vertical shaft is fast, the rotating scope is wide,Besides suitable for high-speed diamond small caliber drilling, the drilling machine is also suitable for low-speed big torque and big caliber drilling;

2, The drilling machine is light, easy to dismantle, and can be divided into eight parts. The biggest part weights 218 kg. It is easy to move, suitable for working in mountainous area;

3, The clutch adopts Dongfeng EQ140 gear box, the components are compatible with high standard degree, easy to operate and maintain. The drilling machine adopts hydraulic pressure assistor operating clutch, which reduces the working intension of the operating personnel;

4, The windlass is strong, its planet gear adopts suspension arm support on the precondition of completely guaranteeing its intention; the structure is simple, easy to dismantle and maintain;

5, The frame of the drilling machine has great rigidity, the center of gravity is low, so the stability at high drilling speed is strong;

6, The drilling machine is matched with corresponding apparatus, which is favorable to master the condition. It has few operating handlers, and the layout is reasonable, so the operation is flexible and convenient;

7, The engine can choose electromotor or diesel engine according to demand. The drilling has strong anti-overloading capacity in drilling process;

8, The drilling machine has a combined frame configuration, easy to dismantle, so it can meet the construction demand in foothill.

Technical Data




electric engine


diesel engine


Rotating speed of vertical axis


Windlass     Elevating capacity (single rope)


Angel of drill bore


Feeding-in journey of vertical axis


Diameter of vertical axis interior hole


Piston journey of the portable machine device


Lifting capacity of the vertical axis


Clutch gearbox

Automobile clutch gearbox

Size of drilling machine


Weight (not including impetus)


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