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Vertical Shaft Core Drilling Machine
Jun 13, 2016


XY-44B core drilling rig can be used for engineering geological drilling, hydro-geological drilling, shallow oil and gas drilling, geothermal drilling and foundation engineering drilling, etc.


1.rational structure, light weight, large capacity, versatile, stable performance, high reliability, high degree of standardization.

2.optional standard auto gearbox clutches, reliable performance, flexible operation, low cost accessories.

3.more speed series (8 level) and reasonable speed range, low-speed torque (maximum of 4200N.m)

4.double cylinder hydraulic feed, stroke length, vertical through-hole diameter(93mm), especially for large diameter drill pipe and coring

5.drilling capacity, 71 and slowly rope core drill rated drilling depth 1000

6.light weight, low center of gravity, compact, removable, good, reasonable layout, ease of maintenance, maintenance and repair, the host can be decomposed into 10 parts ( maximum weight detachable parts 300kg), relocation easy, especially for the mountains, mining, tunnel work.

7.hydraulic chuck clamping force, the use of bi-fuel and equipped with hydraulic lock, holding steady

equipped with a water brake system, deep drilling, drill safe and stable

8.with gear pump oil, power consumption, stable operation. System fitted with hand pumps, when the power machine does not work, can still play out the hole with a hand pump drilling

9.The shift from long (up to 460mm), fixed solid, high-speed drilling and good stability.

using seismic instruments, instrument long life, the situation is conducive to grasp the hole. Manipulation of flexible and reliable

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