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Types of Water Wells (I)
Nov 16, 2016

Drilled Wells

 Terminate in glacial drift (sand, gravel) or bedrock.

Constructed using rotary, cable tool, jetting, hollow rod, or auger rigs.

2 inches or larger casing (domestic wells 4-5 inch).

Casing material can be steel or PVC plastic.  

Installed by well drilling contractors.

More common than driven or dug wells.

Most are greater than 50 feet deep.

Most sanitary type.


Driven Wells

Installed in glacial drift only.

Cannot be driven into bedrock.

Well point driven into ground with post driver, tripod with weight or sledge hammer.

1.25-2 inches diameter.

Most installed by owner.

Common around lakes and high water table areas.

Most are less than 35 feet deep and have a limited yield (less than 7gpm).

More susceptible to contamination than drilled wells.

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