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The Main Advantages of High-Pressure Rotary Spraying Drilling Rig
Nov 10, 2016

 The Main Advantages of High-Pressure Rotary Spraying Drilling Rig

1, the drill pipe to drill into and removal does not require repetitive stitching and dismantling the drill pipe, when labor-saving, saving a lot of auxiliary time, speed up the progress, while significantly reducing the operator's labor strength.

2, at the same time pull out the drill situ pile, but also for tamping, high pile quality.

3, pull out the drill when the inclination of the cutting blade to force drill up, you can reduce the power consumption of the lifting mechanism 9, the energy savings.

4, intelligent control software, you can achieve one-person operation or the operation of single pile unattended.

5, due to their own body is relatively heavy, dynamic and stable enough to continue good, so torque, for relatively hard geological formations penetration rate guaranteed.

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