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The Introduction of Coring System
Nov 22, 2016

The bit  

Short, threaded steel cylinder, on the lip protected with natural ore synthetic diamonds or tungsten carbide inserts, fixed in a matrix.


The Core Barrel

Cylindrical tube to cover the core.


The Drill Rod

Enables the Driller to bring Bit and Core barrel to any depth required. Thrust, revolution, torque, flush are brought from the drilling rig to the top of the Core Barrel.


The Drilling Rig

Power and control station for the drilling process


The Driller

Most important element in the drilling process. He will be responsible to produce the best core quality the best profit for his boss. And he will give you the best explanation for the core quality in the box.


The Engineer

Should be the friend of the driller. Drillers will not try to tell some Fairy Tales to the Engineer, when they meet some thorough knowledges about rock and basics of drilling.

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