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Super RJP Drilling Rig in Final Assembly
Oct 26, 2016

We now introduce you the latest RPJ Special-designed Drilling Rig for the customer which is in the final stage of assembly. We,Rejee group, not only for Standard drilling rig. but also special design service. Looking for Special-designed drilling rig? come to us.jet grouting. 

RJP (Rodin Jet Pile) Jet Grouting Technology 
A variation of the conventional triple-fluid system, called RJP technology, was introduced by Tsujita (1996). In RJP technology, both the water and grout jets are simultaneously injected under high pressures, such that the soil is subjected to two stages of erosion, initially by the water jet, then followed by secondary erosion by the grout jet. The exposure of the soil twice to the cutting action of the jets enables a larger column to be formed.

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