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Super Jet Grouting Equpment with RJP Method
Aug 23, 2016

Today our super jet grouting equipment with RJP method is successfully developed and delivered to the user. 


Rodin Jet Pile (RJP) method can install a larger diameter grout column at larger depth than the traditional jet grouting drilling rig. RJP method can be performed to demonstrate its applicability in urban area. It is a brand-new method for jet grouting construction.

This method can be widely used in following construction projects:

A, limitation of construction space;

B, complicated utilities layout at the shallow depth;

C, close to the existing undergroud facilities.

For more information,please contact us and visit our website:www.rejeedrilling.com.

We are going to update the information about RJP method constantly. Pls pay much attention to our industry knowledge and hope it can help you well. Welcome you give us suggestion and discuss with us for your opinions. Thank you!!

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