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Shallow Drilling Rig & Core Drilling Rig
Mar 11, 2016

    Drilling engineering is a project to explore the underground ore geology, mineral ore body as well as to locate the mining by the methods of drilling borehole into underground and get the core or the slag. The drilling depth varies from tens of meters to thousands of meters. In geological exploration, most of the drilling depth are within 100 to 1000 meters.


    There are two categories of drilling rigs usually applied in the process of geological exploration: shallow drilling rig and core drilling rig (mechanical rotary drilling rig).


    Shallow drilling rig is commonly vertical shallow drill, including rotary drilling and rotary core drilling. The drilling depth is less than 100 meters. It has features of simple structure, low cost and high efficiency. The shallow drilling rig can be used within 100 meters depth or when a large amount of water gushing, and the shallow well drilling cannot be applied. Shallow drilling rig also can be used to verify and inspect the location of mineral and the geophysical-geochemical anomalies.


    Core drilling rig is a mechanical rotary drill, equipped with a complete set of machinery and equipment, such as drill tower, drilling rig, pump, diesel engine or electric motor. The drilling depth covers 300 meters to 1000 meters. The core drilling rigs in our country commonly include geological core drilling rig, construction drilling rig and water well drilling rig.

  geological core drilling rig


  construction drilling rig


 water well drilling rig


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