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Rotating drill construction process steps
Nov 18, 2016

1) pile lofting, liners, the buried in the mud.According to the site soil condition, put down a certain length of liners.Steel liners shall be larger than the diameter of 100 mm in diameter, and to drill the hole freely.According to the site soil condition, the deployment of mud.If the soil is better cohesive soil, can consider to not injected with water or mud, drilling directly.

(2) of the rotating drill in place;

(3) drill ground gently, rotate, spud.Best with bit weight as drilling pressure, to better ensure accuracy of pile foundation;

(4) when filled with sand soil material in the drill bit, ascending out of hole.Pay attention to the hole underground water level, replenish water, in case of collapse.

(5) cycle, the rotating drill to drill in the sand soil materials in the earthwork car or the ground;6 bit shut valve, rotating drill screw back in situ, lock the drill body of revolution;All landowners down bit;End complete drilling, hole cleaning for the first time, and the determination of deep degree;Pet-name ruby in steel reinforcement cage;Attending in a catheter;On the second hole cleaning.For underwater concrete perfusion;Pull out the liners, cleaning the pile head heavy silting backfill, into a pile.

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