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Characters of Rotary Drilling Rig
Sep 01, 2016

Depend on rotary motion from broken rock drill hole. There is positive and reverse circulation rotary drilling rig, hydraulic power head drill, DTH vibration rotary drills. Simple rotary drill only means to improve the structure of rotary drill rig. Rotary drilling rig includes drill pipe and drill bit. Common nominal diameter drill has four kinds of 60, 73, 89 and 114 mm. 


Positive cycle wash mud rotary drilling rig consists of the well tower, hoist, wheel, drilling, mud pumps, faucets, and so motor. When it is working, power machine is driven by gear wheel, driven by the active drill bit 30 to 90 rev / min speed of rotation of broken rock. Mud from the mud pump suction pressure nip back into the hollow drill through the top of the faucet, flows down into the drill, emitted by the nozzle to cool, lubricate the drill bit; downhole drill cuttings through the outer annular channel is brought out wellhead, after the settler, mud back into the mud pool for recycling.


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