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Project Showcase of Drilling rig:GL-4000
Jan 11, 2017

This project is for foundation pit of rotary anchor drilling, with total 22 meters of deepest hole. The total quantity is 7000 Meters.


Main features:

1. Luffing mechanism of pitch makes the homework range wide;

2. With display unit for verticality of derrick, rotating of top-drive head and lift speed, quickly and accurately to fix position;


GL-4000 full hydraulic Jet grouting anchor DTH drilling rig can be used for the foundation consolidation of railway, highway, abutment, and dam foundation; tunnel pipe-shed support, foundation pit support, slope protection, anchor rod hole drilling, leaking stoppage, soft foundation treatment, geological disaster government, and jet grouting. The upright is slide and meets the construction requirement of anchor rod. Drilling with casing tube could be completed by equipped with down hole hammer and overburden drilling system. 

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