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Problems Of Drilling Rigs That You Will Face Up To In Summer
Aug 10, 2016

Many problems happen during the using of hydraulic rotary drilling rigs, as time going by. One of these problems we usually have face up to is high temperature. Because it influences the working life of the drilling rigs very much.


The reasons of the problem of high temperature can be devided into:

The high temperature of Gear Case

The high temperature of hydraulic Oill

The high temperature of coolant temperature of engine


The reason of high temperature of Gear Case is relatively simple, it may be beacuse that the size and shape of bearing or the gear is below the standard, or because of the disqualification of lubricating oil or the oil level is not suitable.

According to the hydraulic theory and the repairing experience, the main cause of high temperature of hydraulic oil is heat production too fast but cooling too slowly. Hydraulic pump inlet pipeline and hydraulic oil case are untight sealed, the oil filter clogging, Hydraulic system pipe line is not clear, Hydraulic pump internal leakage, all of which can cause a lot of heat and make the hydraulic oil temperature rising too fast. So the internal channels are blocked, hydraulic oil cooler radiator outside too much dust, wind power is not enough, the hydraulic oil such as hydraulic oil cooler was not through, these reasons all may lead to hydraulic oil high temperature by cooling slowly.

Inaccurate ignition timing, engine power is insufficient, the cooling system failure will cause the engine water temperature is too high. Before with common rail diesel engine electronically controlled fuel injection system of excavator, due to the hydraulic oil radiator installed upstream of the tank cooling air, so the hydraulic oil overheating can also cause that the water temperature is too high. In addition, the engine crankshaft deformation, the gap is too small will be an engine crankshaft consumes too much power caused by high temperature.Hydraulic variable control system failure also can cause the engine water temperature is too high.

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