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Operation and Maintenance Instruction of KD Backpack Type Core Drill (Ⅳ)
Mar 11, 2016

7. Stainless steel drilling rod

    When the drilling depth approaches 60cm, take out the rock core from the drilling tool or drilling hole. Connect one or more drilling rod to continue drilling until the required drilling depth is reached. If the drilling rod or the drilling tool comes off in the drilling hole, press down and rotate clockwise the male joint of the drilling rod, so that the male joint of the drilling rod will reconnect the female joint of the drilling rod in the drilling hole.

Maintenance method:
 1, The male joint and female joint portions of the stainless steel drilling rod should be applied with silicone-based lubricating oil so as to keep the surface lubricated and protect the working face from being damaged.
 2, When the three O rings on the male joint becomes old or ruptured, please change immediately.


8. Corer

    The corer is used to take out the rock core in the drilling hole. Connect the corer to the bottom of the drilling tool in a correct way, connect the top of the drilling tool or drilling rod with the T-shaped handle, and press down the corer to the drilling hole with the T-shaped handle until the whole rock core fits in the corer. Then clamp the rock core with the corer and take it out. It is easier to push out the rock core in the opposite direction of the corer.


Maintenance method:
The inner angle of the cut at the bottom of the corer must be kept at approximately an angle of 25 degrees inclined inwards. If the inner angle becomes insufficient after being used for several times, push with force to adjust the angle.


9. Oil dispenser
For oil dispenser, gasoline and engine oil are mixed with a proportion of 50:1.

It should be noted that the extra oil mixture not be left in the oil dispenser for a long time.

The highly corrosive gasoline may corrode the material of the dispenser.


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