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Operation and Maintenance Instruction of KD Backpack Type Core Drill (Ⅲ)
Mar 03, 2016

5. Backpack for drill
    Try out the backpack. Adjust the strap to the best position according to your figure. After the fastening strap at the waist is buttoned up, the weight of the whole toolkit is evenly shared at the waist, with the shoulders acting as reinforcement. Such design avoids the possibility of partial stress, enabling the body to achieve the maximum balance possible and saves the trouble of over-fatigue due to work or walk in the fields.


    The component and parts of the drill including stainless steel drilling rod, drilling tool and corer, should be placed on the side of the backpack, secured to proper positions with fastening straps and covered. The drill part should be placed at the bottom of the backpack with the bottom facing downwards while all other parts, including such spare parts and other apparatus as drinking flask, compasses, tape measure should be placed in special bags.


Maintenance method:

  1, It is advisable to store the backpack in a dry location with room temperature so that it will not go mouldy.
  2,Wipe with a slightly wetted cloth in case the backpack needs cleaning.


6. Water supply system

    Under the condition that the water supply system can be started normally:

    The system should include compression water feeding bucket, rotary water swivel, handle ball valve switch, quick connector and rubber water hose.





  First, check if the silicon-based lubricating oil is sufficient in the O ring inside the rotary water swivel.

  Second, open the lid of the compression water feeding bucket and fill 8 liters of clean water. Then tighten the lid, connect the quick connector and close the handle switch.

  Third, pressurize the bucket with a water compressor, repeat the operation several times and check and ensure that there is no leakage of air or water. If there is no leakage, open the handle ball valve switch and ensure that water enters the drilling tool through the rotary water swivel and flows out from the drill bit.


Maintenance method:
  1, To maintain the water supply system in a good working order, attention should be paid to the following points:
  2, Use pure clean water free from impurities. Impurities in water will cause the O ring inside the rotary water swivel to corrode and abrade, resulting in leakage of water.
  3, Avoid excessive bending of rubber water hose.
  4, If it is found that the external O ring at the front of the rotary water swivel has been damaged or leaking, please change immediately.
  5, Open the lid of the compression water feeding bucket and apply silicone-based lubricating oil on the rubber pad at the inner wall to prevent water leakage.


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