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Operation and Maintenance Instruction of KD Backpack Type Core Drill (Ⅱ)
Mar 02, 2016

3.Diamond drilling bit

    When the hole drilling is operated on the rock surface, it is suggested that: make the drill rotate in half-speed, keep the diamond drilling bit slightly inclined and stay about 60 degree dip angle with ground. Cut a little groove on the lithosphere as the locating point. To ensure the stable locating, adopt work boot to do the auxiliary locating to cut a crescent shaped groove. By locating with this groove, gradually strengthening the drill vertically until the whole ringlike groove is form on the rock. Then the drill can drill in full-speed. (Special attention: the time of drilling bit cutting and locating the groove cannot be too long; otherwise the too deep locating groove will cause the working lining of diamond drilling bit broken and the drilling bit scrapped when strengthening the drill). If your operation is right, the angle of the drill into lithosphere is moderate, the cutting speed will be felt, and the drill revolution is normal and relaxed.


    During the drilling, the rock powder will be taken out with water. It is thick mixture similar to cheese. If the rotate speed of drill sharply drops, cease the working and pull out the drilling bit to be checked. It may caused by stopped water circulation or worn working lining of diamond drilling bit. It need replacing.


Maintenance method:
  1, The diamond drilling bit is the core part of the drill. It adopts raw material of high quality. Besides, it is made with special recipe though our actual drilling experience in past several. Handle gently with the drilling bit to avoid it squeezing and bumping.
  2, The striking or bashing the diamond drilling bit is forbidden, otherwise, it will cause the drilling bit cracked and have a strong impact on its using effect.
  3, Do routine check for the sharpness of diamond drilling bit (toughness ratio of diamond). If the drilling bit has been in passivation state, the drilling speed of the drilling bit will be slowed down, or it will slipped and the drilling depth cannot further.
  4, If the drilling speed of the nearly-new drilling bit is slow, adopt the drilling bit on the soft stone (e.g. the brick or hard sand etc.). The diamond in the bit matrix will be showed again, which will accelerate the drilling speed.
  5, Disassemble the damaged or exhausted diamond drilling bit at the bottom of the drilling tool with vise grip pliers to replace the diamond drilling bit.


4. Stainless steel handle (T-shaped spanner)

    The stainless steel handle is mainly used to lift the drilling rod or the drilling tool in the drilling hole.

Maintenance method:

    Lubricate the O ring of the spanner with silicone grease.

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