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Operation and Maintenance Instruction of KD Backpack Type Core Drill (Ⅰ)
Mar 01, 2016

1. Engine

Prior to the operation of engine, it is suggested that: mix the gasoline with two-stroke Steele engine oil with strong stability in 50:1 scale by using Oil dispenser. Then pout the mixture into the fuel tank of drill, rotate the choke valve to the off-position, turn the control switch to the idle position I. Stretch the start cord until the engine is started. Along with the increasing rotate speed of the engine, gradually turn the choke valve to the on-position.

Maintenance method:
Main items for attention in maintenance are as follows:
1, Keep the air filter clean.
2, Adopt the gasoline with two-stroke German Steele engine oil with strong stability. Note the mixing ratio of engine oil and gasoline. The overtop mixing ratio or low quality may cause the carbon deposit of spark plug and fail to start properly.
3, In case of non-use in long time, please empty the tank and keep the engine dry to prevent the carburetor forming the film.
4, It is suggested that: add appropriate lithium base grease (5-8 times oiling for grease gun) into the gearbox weekly in service. If the amount of lubricating grease is too much, it may cause too big resistance and the gearbox may fail to run (the amount of lubricating grease cannot exceed 3/4 of the maximum capacity of the tank).

2. Drilling tool and reducer union

The drilling tool is used for installing and connecting with the diamond drilling bit. It is used for drilling the hard rock, install the PDC compact drill bit and drilling the incompetent bed or soil. Please check and confirm that the screw thread of diamond drilling bit or the PDC drilling bit adopt anti-lock lubricating (or lubricating oil) to connect with the bottom of drilling tool. Then connect the J-shaped groove on the top of drilling tool with reducer union, connect the reducer union with water supply system of drill. It can be put into use then.


Maintenance method:
1, Apply the silicone grease lubrication on the top (J-shaped groove).
2, After the lithosphere drilled, if it needs to pull the drilling tool out, adopt the stainless steel handle to connect with drilling tools. Pull it out vertically upward and clockwise.
3, Apply the anti-lock lubricating oil on the screw thread of the drilling tool.
4, Carefully operate on the loosing and cracked rock, especially drilling in the non-vertical position. The severe wear will cause the danger, so pay special attention to it.



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