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New Release of XTB-220/280 High Pressure Grouting Pump
Nov 08, 2016

We now introduce you XTB-220/280 High Pressure Grouting Pump, which can be used for projects of ground stabilization, sedimentation management for old buildings, foundation seepage control, dam slope anchoring, leaking stoppage for mine well hole. And it can also be used for highway, railway, mine, port.


1. Advanced Intelligent control system which can realize pressure digital display, instantaneous flow rate display, and accumulation function.

2. New plunger lubricating structure of fluid end can increase service life and convenient to change quick-wear parts.

3. Application of Frequency converter can remove transmission parts like gearbox and clutch which make it much compact and reliable.

4. Easy operation could be made by operation panel with display of basic process parameter. All setting and display could be seen through built-in display screen.

5. Complete protection system to protect loss of power, default phase,undervoltage, overcurrent, torque pumping pressure.

6. Container Type protection system.


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