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Regularly Scheduled Drill Rig Maintenance
Oct 10, 2016

As the owner of a drilling business, the last thing you need is unscheduled downtime due to equipment failure. You and your employees can’t afford to be stagnant – how do you ensure the maximum field availability?

Regularly scheduled drill rig maintenance is the best way to make sure you can do the job when you’re needed. There are some things you can do to keep your drilling rig in top shape:

· Create a checklist based on the type of rig you own using OSHA and industry-specific guidelines. This way, nothing will get overlooked.

· Since safe operation is the number one goal, make sure you have a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, properly charged and inspected regularly.

· It’s easy to overlook items that aren’t visible every day, so have a thorough list of valve connections, discharge nozzles, seals, and tanks that need to be looked at.

· If you are operating your drill rigs in a cold climate, one that uses salt on the roadways, or a location with muddy conditions or exposure to seawater, the inspection frequencies need to be increased. These conditions can cause quick erosion, so vulnerable items need to be watched carefully.

· Keep a plan for field maintenance checks for equipment that is high-demand and doesn’t allow for scheduled complete maintenance.

· Remember that repair is not the same as maintenance. When performing a repair, it is an acute situation, focusing on one part or system, and the other systems generally won’t be looked at. Don’t defer scheduled maintenance because the rig has had recent repairs – you could miss a vital quick-fix that will cost you time, productivity and big money down the line.

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