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How Can We Maintain Drilling Rig in Different Time?
Oct 20, 2016

Old drilling machine users should be aware that the maintenance work is very important, not only to extend the life of the equipment, drilling machine for a long time to maintain a good operating condition, but also can reduce the cost of maintenance, and to protect the operation of the personalsafety.


    (1) Monthly maintenance: (1) a thorough classes, weekly maintenance and maintenance requirements of the project. The (2) breaking chuck cleaning kava and kava seat. If damaged should be replaced. (3) to clean the filter in the fuel tank, replace the deterioration or dirty hydraulic oil. (4)Check the integrity of the major parts, if any damage should be promptly replaced, non Injured work. (5) complete elimination of the failures occurred in the month. (6) drilling rig equipment for long periods of use, each revealing a part (especially the processing table appearances) should be coated with grease.

    (2) weeks maintenance classes: (1) a thorough maintenance maintenance requirements of the project. (2) Clear the the chuck and kava teeth surface dirt, soil. (3) to clean up the surface clean brake oil, mud. (4) exclude the fault occurred in the week.

    (3) class maintenance:

    (1) Check All exposed bolts, nuts, insurance pin is solid and reliable.

    (2) eliminate failure occurred within bumban.

    (3) checks throughout the oil spill and as the case may be addressed.

    (4) Check the gearbox, transfer box and hydraulic system oil tank position.

    (5)filling oil or grease lubrication requirements.

    (6)the outer surface of the drilling rig equipment to wipe clean, and pay attention to the surface of the base of the drilling rig chute, kingpin clean and well lubricated.

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