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Key Challenges on Water Well Drilling Projects in Tight Spaces
Oct 11, 2016

What are some of the key challenges that come with taking on water well drilling projects in tight spaces?

Basically the first problem you have is if you’re going to be drilling a large-diameter deep well, you need a pretty significant size drill rig. So the first thing is you may have to get in a drill rig that weighs 30 to 50 tons to bring in with your support equipment and what have you. Then you’re going to have the tooling that goes down the well shaft for drilling. That could be another 20 or 30 tons. Then, of course, as you’re drilling, you’re going to create drill spoils and cuttings, so they come to the surface and you could have 100 yards of drill cutting that are going to get piled up and there’s no space to stack it on site. So you’re going to have to manage that and have a continuous operation where, as you’re removing the cuttings, you have a dump truck or a slurry truck basically removing the cuttings from the site because there’s no place to stack it on site. And even if you did stack it on site, if there’s any grade involved or whatever, you have the potential for turbid water to leave the site and you can’t let that happen because if it makes it to the storm sewer and makes it to a stream that is basically clear water, it’s going to make that stream discolored and there are going to be fines and issues.

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