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Hydrogeological Water Well Drilling Rig
Mar 14, 2016

    The main principle of hydrogeological drilling is not only to obtain the data to evaluate the required conditions, but also to satisfy the requirements of maximum amount of water and corresponding increase in hole diameter, as well as the construction of water supply well. The rig which meets all these needs is called hydrogeological water well drilling rig.

    The rig should have the ability of two aspects: drilling and taking core samples or rock; drilling large diameter hole and water well. In recent years, due to the specific conditions and requirement, hydrogeological water well drilling rig appears characteristics of type diversification and multifunctional features. Many types of multifunctional composite water well drilling rig are equipped with impact drill, rotation, vibration, DTH hammer and so on. All the equipment are installed on the truck or tailor, so that can be moved easily.







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