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How to Upkeep Your Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig in Rainy Day
Aug 17, 2016

There are some ways to upkeep your hydraulic rotary drilling rig in rainy day:

1. Clean it in time

When it is rainy day, you should clean your drilling rig in time otherwise you will face a problem that in the gaps of downside of the rig, where hide dampness, remain mud, which makes your rig rusty .

2. Brush the the surface of your rig

The acidic component of rain will hurt the surface of your rig, day by day. So when it comes season of rainy days, it will be better painting your rigs one time. You can wax even glaze your rig.

3. ”Nurse” your chassis

The chassis is a part nearest to the ground. It will be influenced by the situation of ground. And in generally, it is a part very easy to be dampped. So you should do a Anti-rust treatment for your rigs. 

4. Problem of igniting to start up

In rainy day, when you face a problem that it is very difficult to start up your rig. It is due to the wet, your ignition system is electric leakage. So it loses the function of igniting. Once you find this problem, you should wipe dry Distributor-cap and Electric Wires with dry rag or dry tissue, then use spray tin of desiccant to spin on the cover of Distributor-cap and connects of storage battery, Electric Wires and high-tension cables. Wait for some time, then you can set up your rigs.

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