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How to Make Your Drill Rig Wish List (I)
Dec 09, 2016

Comparing drilling rigs can be time consuming and somewhat confusing. With so many manufacturers offering all sizes and types of equipment, how do you know which is right for your business? The drilling rig market is full of options – drilling units for geothermal drilling, micropiling, deep foundation work, geotechnical, water well and the list goes on. Generally though, a rig advertised for water well drilling is capable of much more than just drilling water wells. So why is it just called a water well rig?


Versatility and mobility are key considerations. such as Rejee ML-2. Drilling methods and requirements vary greatly from site to site, ranging from high speed coring to large diameter hollow stem augering requiring high torque to direct push. A rig with the ability to utilize various heads and options such as SPT hammers is generally required. Mast boom extensions for multiple winches, drill head slide functions for alternating between drill heads and clamping systems all need to be considered to effectively and efficiently complete a project. 

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