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How to Choose the Right Drill Bits
Jul 13, 2016

1, Common specification:

φ60mm/41.5mm    φ75mm/49mm    φ75mm/54.5mm   φ91mm/68mm     φ94mm/74mm  Or can be customized according to clients’ requirement.


2, Our drill bits are patented, matching with single-tube, single-acting dual-tube, dual-acting dual-tube, and wire-line coring drill rods, widely used for geological mineral exploration.


3, Suitable for drilling in all hard formations (f=8-18), also for broken, fractured and other complex formations


4, How to choose the right drill bit?

More general use: Circle-ladder crown

Special hard bottom: Concentric crown

In some slippery ground: Serrated crown

Grinding effect of flat crown is similar to circle-ladder crown.


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