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How to Choose Suitable Drilling Rig?
Oct 27, 2016

Many friends ask me to recommend drilling rigs for them. However, their ideas for the suitable drilling rigs is not quite clear.

First of all, do you have an idea of the drilling rig you are looking for? The following questions will help you to get suitable drilling machine for your business.

1. What kind of projects you will work for,Waterwell, Borehole Exploration coring, Foundation Piling or others?

2. The Max. depth of drilling you hope to achieve?

3. The Min. and Max. hole diameter you estimate?

4. Condition of the environment, Soft ground like soil,mud,Hard ground like rocks or Mixed the soft and hard layers?

The more details of your need are told from you, the better our engineers are able to recommend you the suitable models.

For more information,please contact us and visit our website:www.rejeedrilling.com.

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