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How the Drilled Piles Work
Oct 17, 2016

How the piling drills work? First, a bit about the system. The concrete and steel prefab piles integrate closed-loop systems that work with a ground-source pump to heat and cool buildings. The system has saved some companies thousands of dollars per year in electricity to heat and cool the facility (and to run fans for drying rooms).

Companies can win customers by putting faith in the technologies they sell. But the professionals—including some who’ve worked on foundation failure investigations—on the IGSHPA group expressed caution.

I see from the UK projects that the loop lines may be attached to the exterior of a driven or vibrated pile such that it is less likely to cause freeze damage to the concrete. I can visualize this as an effective means to install loops in coastal sediment areas where conditions are uniform and free of abrasive rock/debris and where the loop design can be set to avoid operation at sub freezing temperatures. Because many of these support piles are relatively shallow depth it will be critical that the water table be high to maintain adequate moisture for heat transfer.

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