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How can a jet grouting drilling rig help you?
Mar 09, 2017

Jet grouting is a type of ground improvement technique used to solidify and/or improve the bearing capacity of weak, unstable, or liquefiable soils. Jet grouting is performed by injecting a cement or lime-ash slurry into the subsoil using a drilling rig. As the grout column expands and solidifies the subsoil is consolidated and stabilized. This method of soil improvement allows foundation and structural construction in locations where previous geotechnical or seismic conditions deterred development.


Recently, Our knock-out XL-50 Full Hydraulic Crawler Jet Grouting Anchor Drilling Rig is totally out of order and we are in full wing to deliver the machines to our customers. This jet grouting drilling rig has Variable hydraulic system with load feedback, low energy consumption and other features to make your drilling rig a secret weapon and best business partner.


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