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Hot Selling Drill Rig for Anchoring and Jet-Grouting
May 26, 2016

GJ 200-1A drilling rig is a qualitative leap compared to other similar products in terms of performance and functionality, and is one of the most advanced rigs in the domestic market.

GJ 200-1A drilling rig is highly integrated in mechanical, hydraulic, electrical system, with a characteristic of large power, light weight, compact structure, console-friendly design, wide speed adjustable range, hydraulic shift. This drilling machine which is widely used in metallurgical, geological exploration, hydroelectric utilities, construction, railways, highways, bridges, tunnels and other infrastructure constructions.

1.  Primary function and application range

 1.1 Exploration for foundation engineering such as high-rise building ,railway, highway, reservoir, bank base for power station, harbor and port ;

 1.2. Constructions and reinforcement for small-sized foundation engineering such as Pit cable, abutment, pier, mountain protective slope, pile foundation, dam foundation seepage resistance, diaphragm wall and so on ;

 1.3. Drilling wells less than φ600mm caliber ;

 1.4. It also meets the requirements to drill the hole for monitoring, rescue, recharge and energy storage as well as geology and coal field prospecting .

2. Main advantages

  2.1 Two-way Power: Can be powered by either motor or diesel engine with power of  either 15 KW or 17 KW ;

  2.2  The gear meshes well without the need of opening or closing the spindle box, which not only reduces the coupling parts, lightens the  weight, but also good for dustproof  and lubrication, thus saves  lubricants and enhances the box’s fasteners, which  greatly extends the service life .

2.3 The hoist’s frictional clutch mechanism and powder metallurgy friction plates guarantees excellent performance and long service life, as well as the planetary gears′lubrication, and the brake handle locking mechanism is reliable in safety and suitable for stroke drilling ;

2.4 The 400 mm hydraulic displacement is quick and easy. The machine moving cylinder is positioned automatically by hydraulic lock, which is safe, reliable, and effectively improves the operating environment in front of hole ;

2.5 Hydraulic components: piston rod is made up of STEPSEAL device , the cylinder piston adopts Glyd Ring device, all of the above mentioned are of  international advanced level, with extremely stable sealing performance .

2.6  The drilling machine has a very good disintegration performance , easy to operate, convenient for maintenance or transport 

2.7 The drilling machine has a flexible and large speed adjusting range, which can satisfy all kinds of layer and multiple drilling requirements .

2.8 The gyrator of the spindle can be rotated in appropriate angle to drill bolt holes, which can replace dedicated bolt rig in some extent .

2.9 Interchangeability: Just replace the gyrator  and you can change the GJ 200-1A rig into GJ 200-1S rig, to achieve a multi-purpose machine, and expand the construction field.

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