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Go Small or Go Home-Compact Drilling Rig
Sep 08, 2016

Small Drilling machines provide the ideal balance of power at the right size to get a job done quickly. They get in and out of tight quarters or remote locations easily and drill down fast. For geotechnical engineers, theyre also an easy and relatively inexpensive way to grow business.


At as little as 26 inches wide and weighing roughly 700 to 1,000 pounds, compact drills offer the versatility and unique advantage for engineers to take on jobs themselves. This includes limited access applications, such as backyards with narrow gates. These powerful units reach 100-foot depths—all without damaging the turf or being forced to navigate and maneuver around nearby structures. They can successfully extract a sample 100 feet deep from virtually any soil type, although typically theyre used to depths of 50 feet. With these capabilities in a compact size, the drills offer excellent profit boosting potential for geotechnical engineers.


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