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Features and Options of Rig
Jan 05, 2017

Rig features and options are also important considerations for limited access drilling. For example, wireless remote controls for tracks, drill feed and drilling functions greatly increase safety and maneuverability, though this can be an expensive option. Instead of walking beside the rig through a narrow opening or up a dangerous slope, or trying to position the drill in a confined space, it can all be positioned from a safe and comfortable distance using the remote control pack. Mast slide functions can further aid in positioning the rig. Head slide functions allow for multiple drill heads and accessories including high torque heads, high speed coring heads, standard penetration test hammers, drifters, etc. The ability to perform various drilling functions from one set-up location can be extremely advantageous, and the head slide function also gives clear access to the open bore for sampling. Additionally, hydraulic breakout clamps that make tool handling hands-free, and therefore much safer, can be especially useful when working in confined spaces.

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