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Drilling Rig Operating Safety Procedures (II)
Nov 04, 2016

1. Whatever the case, when it was working on the mast sections, masts allowed to stay under other staff. 
2, In case of bad weather when (rain, snow, ice, or more than five wind), not allowed to work on the mast. It also does not allow the use of artificial lighting to work on the mast. 
3, Prohibited the use of wire rope split shares. 
4, When the drill movements, is strictly forbidden to touch the rope. 
5, In addition to lifting rig, drill pipe endures, open wellhead is strictly prohibited. 
6, In order to prevent drilling or pumping out swinging outer tube wells from the well when you must use the hook by 15 ~ 20mm diameter steel bars made of hook. 
7, In the cleaning out of the tube, you should use robust and reliable rope looped, set in the lower pumping tube, which was spilled. 
8, When raised or lowered with a pulley casing, and the machine during salvage work, all workers should leave the drilling. 
9, When pulled out by lifting the casing, the casing in order to avoid loss, must be fixed to each other. 20, the next stop in the case of lighting (night time), drilling work should be stopped. Then when drilling wells still, it should be carefully taken out of the drill string from the well.


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