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Drilling Rig Operating Safety Procedures (I)
Nov 03, 2016

1, Drilled workplace should be kept clean. 
2, When the rig installation and removal, to ensure correct and intact. 
3, When the rig mast lift, the operator should be standing in a safe position. 
4, When starting the motor, the rig should be open all the friction clutch. 
5, When the rig work, remove the protective cover is strictly prohibited. 
6, Before the work begins, you should check the brake device reliability, and performance of the friction clutch and starter. 
7, Before the motor is not stopped, the ban inspection rig. 
8, When the rig, rig fastening prohibited any parts. 
9, When the rig operated, non-refueling. Upper sheave refueling mast should be stopped when the drilling rig. 10, before the motor does not stop, do not allow work on the mast. 

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