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Drilling Rig Must Be Maintained Periodically
Oct 19, 2016

The three aspects of the drilling machine, if there is an abnormal condition, timely diagnosis and remedial action.

Filter maintenance: filter play the role of impurities in the the filtered oil line or gas line to prevent intrusion within the system caused the failure; regular replacement of various filters to be in accordance with the requirements of the (operation and maintenance manual); replace the filter should be checked whether the metal attached to the old filter, such as metal particles, timely diagnosis and remedial action; meet the machine under the pure filter use.

Grease management: Lubricants (butter) can reduce the wear of the moving surfaces to prevent noise. Grease deposited custody can not be mixed with dust, sand, water, and other impurities; recommend use of a lithium-based grease G2-L1, good anti-wear properties, applicable overload situations; filling, to try all the old oil extrusion and clean to prevent sand adhesion.

Fuel management: selection of different brands of diesel depending on the ambient temperature; diesel fuel is not mixed with impurities, dirt and water, this will keep the fuel pump to premature wear; paraffin poor quality fuel with sulfur content, will the engine produce damage; daily job after fuel tank to fill the fuel to prevent fuel tank wall water droplets; daily operations open the fuel tank bottom drain valve to turn on the water.

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