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Drilling Machine Heavy Rain Pretection Warm Tips
Aug 03, 2016

Nowadays most areas are suffered from the heavy rain. Here we introduce you how to prevent accidents which caused by heavy rain.


1.The owner should pay attention to the weather forecast. While the heavy rain coming you must place the equipment in ihe higher position to prevent the disaster


2.When your machine is working in the mountains areas, you should pay attention to the local hydro-logical and meteorological information, to prevent landslides triggered from heavy rain.


3.When your machine working in the river channels, you should pay more attention to the changes of water level. After your machine shutdown you’d better transfer your machine to the safety place in time.


4. After the heavy rain, you must pay attention to the situation of soil when your construction is at the edge of the mountain. Prevent the soft rock collapsed after the rain,to cause equipment be landfilled by hills and cause person, machine damaged.

5. When your drilling machine is walking at the sand subgrade area after the heavy rain, you must observe the soil contains water situation. Prevent landslides which caused by subgrade soil contains too much water, let machine capsize.


6. After heavy rains, especially when the roads still have water, you’d better drive your drilling rig near the inside of the road, to prevent your rig slip into the water.


Above are some tips for your reference. The more important thing is rely on Everyone’s Awareness. Wish we can improve together. Welcome you give us suggestion and discuss with us for your opinions. Thank you!!


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