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Diamond Core Drilling Machine
Jul 27, 2016

Diamond core drilling (exploration diamond drilling) utilizes an annular diamond-impregnated drill bit attached to the end of hollow drill rods to cut a cylindrical core of solid rock. The diamonds used to make diamond core bits are a variety of sizes, fine to microfine industrial grade diamonds, and the ratio of diamonds to metal used in the matrix affects the performance of the bits cutting ability in different types of rock formations . 

Diamond drilling is much slower than reverse circulation (RC) drilling due to the hardness of the ground being drilled. Drilling of 1200 to 1800 metres is common and at these depths, ground is mainly hard rock. 

We, Rejee group, provide several types of diamond core drilling rigs, to drill from 500m to 1800m depth.

For more info., please contact us and visit our website:www.rejeedrilling.com.

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