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Daily maintenance of KD drill
Mar 15, 2016

◆ Clean the carbon deposit in the air filter, muffler and spark plug at a regular basis;

◇ Prior to long-time storage, empty the oil tank and burn out the residual in the carburetor;

◆ Prior to storage, shut off the switch;

◇ New drill should be run in for 2 hours at an idle speed;

◆ Gasoline engine should never overspeed and should be shut off at a low speed;

◇ Non professional personnel are not allowed to adjust the carburetor;

◆ Filter elements of the air cleaner should be periodically checked and replaced. Dirty filter elements should be cleaned with soap water before use;

◇ After running the gasoline engine for 100-300 hours, clean the carbon deposit. Remove the cylinder end for cleaning, and clean the carbon deposited on the cylinder stater, cylinder end, piston and air valve. The carbon deposit should not enter the cylinder hole and air seat;

◆ Engine oil should be of correct type and from original manufacturer and gasoline should be clean and fresh;

◇ Keep the gasoline engine clean, the cylinder fins in particular;

◆ During fueling, checking, maintenance and servicing, shut down the engine, refrain from smoking and stay away from naked flame;

◇ Before and after each use of the machine, check the tightness of the bolt at the working part and other portions;

◆ Do not operate indoors. When the machine is operating, irrelevant personnel other than the operator should keep a distance of at least 5m away from the machine;

◇ Do not start the gasoline engine when the clutch is exposed or the machine is not assembled up, if applicable;

◆ Other lubricating portions of the machine should be periodically applied with lubricating oil or lubricating grease as instructed when necessary.




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