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Common Knowledge of Drilling Rig
Oct 14, 2016

Balance pressure drilling: always protect the borehole during drilling pressure is equal to the formation pressure of a drilling method called balance pressure drilling.

Jet Drilling: jet drilling hydraulic action of the drilling fluid through the jet bit nozzle, high-speed jet, the ROP a drilling method.

Cementing: that is, to the borehole down into the casing strings of a certain size, and around the injection grout, the sleeve fixed on the borehole wall, to avoid wellbore collapse. Its purpose is to: packer loose, easy to collapse, leaky complex formation; seal oil separation, gas, water layer to prevent blow each other; install wellhead control oil and gas flow to facilitate drilling or production of oil and gas. The drill pipe stratigraphic test

The drill pipe stratigraphic test: drill pipe or tubing with packer formation tester oil testing an advanced technology into the well. It can test well down into the casing can also be tested in openhole not down into the casing; either after the completion of the drilling test, but also in the test drilling midway.

Wireline formation test: find oil and gas shows during drilling, formation tester cable into the formation fluid samples can be obtained and to measure formation pressure, called wireline formation testing. This test method is relatively simple, many times, repeatedly.

Tubing conveyed perforating: tubing conveyed perforating tubing perforator into the underground, after perforating the formation fluid tubing led to the ground, a large number of kill fluid does not have to be poured into the wells in the perforation to avoid well background pollution of an advanced technology.

Rock porosity: the porosity of the rock is not the ratio of the solid material filling the space volume Vp and rock total volume Vb of the rock. By the Greek letter Φ expression: rock Φ = V pore / V × 100% = Vp / Vb × 100% .

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