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Classification Knowledge of Core Drilling Rig
Feb 29, 2016

Core drilling rig is mostly used in underground core drilling, especially in mining. According to the actual situation of the mine and the application of different drilling rigs, there are many kinds of core drilling rigs. I will introduce the classification of the core drilling rigs here.


Drilling rig is a machine to drill into the ground. The main working principle is to drive drilling tools to crush the bottom rock, and pull out or down into the hole drilling tools. According to the ways of breaking rocks, drilling rig can be divided into rotary drilling rig, impact drills, impact rotary drilling rig and other categories. According to the application, drilling rig can be divided into oil drilling rig, core drilling rig, and water well drilling rig, etc. According to the structure difference, various types and purposes above drill is divided into many types.

When we say “oil (gas) well drilling rig”, the drilling rig is usually refers to a complete set of equipment, known as “drilling equipment”. It includes power machine, turntable, transmission and control equipment, winch, crane, traveling block, faucets, hook, mud pump, mast and other ancillary equipment. China's oil drilling rigs are classified by lifting capacity. For example, the lifting capacity of 30 tons, this drilling rig can reach max 800m depth; 180 tons of drill 4000 meters depth, and so on. According to the dynamic type, drilling rig is divided into internal combustion engine drive and electrical drive.

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