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Application and Character of Jet Grouting Drilling Machine
Apr 07, 2016


Jet Grouting Drilling Machine is used for railways, highways, bridges, dam foundation and various industrial land civil building foundation treatment and reinforcement. It not only be used for rotary spray and engineering construction, also be used in shallow hole drilling, exploration engineering construction, etc.


Big drilling ability;

Top-drive head driven by hydraulic, stepless speed regulation, high efficiency and low labor intensity;

Variable hydraulic system with load feedback, low energy consumption;

First use special valve fixed position by friction, satiable for jet grouting technique;

Top-drive head has wide range of rotary speed, can meet varying layer and drilling technology;

Equip crawler chassis, walk and move conveniently;

With rotary support;

Power head has long stroke, reduce the auxiliary time;

Compact structure, centralized operation, convenient and safe;

Equip display device for vertical rig, power head rotation and pull speed.


Above application and character is for Rejee Jet grouting drilling machine XL-50B.

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