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Advantage of Crawler Drilling Rig
May 11, 2016

(1)  Reliable Performance

Basing on the guideline of purchasing the critical auxiliary equipment internationally, the diesel engine, the hydraulic pump, the main valves, the motors, crawler reducers and key hydraulic spare parts are all adopted famous brands products at home and abroad.

(2)   High Efficiency Crawler Drilling Rig

With big torque, high power unit allocation and with reasonable structure design and advanced operation method and 6 meters (19.7 feet) length of drill rod, all these guarantee the drill rig's high operation and performance efficiency.

(3)  Environmental Protection Hydraulic Crawler Drill Rig

With lower pollution discharge of diesel engine, professional noise reducing design, the drill rig is suitable for urban operation and performance.

(4) Energy Saving Drilling Rig

Adopt the advanced load sensitive control technique, the drill rig has reduced the power consumption and heat generation to the lowest level.

With an elegant outline, compact structure, reliable performance and operation easily, it should be the priority equipment to be selected in the full hydraulic core drill rig of present market.

We, Rejee Group, provide different types of crawler drilling rigs such as GL-6000,GL4000,XL-50, ML-2,etc., with advantages from above to meet customers need. 

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