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A Quick Guide to Find the Right Drilling Rig(Ⅱ)
Sep 13, 2016

Construction Drilling Rig

The construction drilling machine market faces high pressure to be unwaveringly efficient. The choice between buying used, new or leasing is really specific to each end user’s needs. The risk in buying used is that determining how much life is left in the machine can be more challenging.

Risking reliability might not be the best route, as speed is everything to the drillers and clients in this market. In the construction drilling industry, you’re in the critical path from the start of the project, so if you are falling behind on production you affect the entire project and there’s potentially, in some cases, liquidated damages associated with that.

With schedule and time being of the utmost importance, we recommend purchasing very productive machines, several machines or several very productive machines. The speed of the rig, the reliability of the rig, and the availability of parts and service for the drilling rig are important features to consider.

Another aspect to keep in mind when tracking down rig qualities is space. Finding a drill that can fit into and function in the space in need of services is crucial. Carefully considering if it needs to be truck or track mounted to travel through a given site, and sizing the rods based on overhead clearance are key.

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