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A Quick Guide to Find the Right Drilling Rig(Ⅳ)
Sep 20, 2016

Mining Drilling Rig

Within the mining drilling sector contractors traditionally buy new or lease to own rigs if they are intended for large projects. For relatively small jobs, like a road cut, or if they don’t own the right equipment, it’s common and practical to rent the drilling rig and return it after completion.

A new mining drilling rig is particularly ideal for mining because jobsites are often rife with hazards and avoiding them is very important. Older rigs don’t promise to meet the latest safety inspection standards, so keeping equipment updated is ideal or you risk not being able to even get the drill onsite.

Keeping with safety, key qualities to look for in a drill include cages around the rods that spin in the top head and hands free rod loading functions.

The scope of work you plan to do largely determines what machine is right for you. If you’re going to drill 6,000 feet, automated rod handling with every bell and whistle that’s possible. If you’re planning to drill into the mine from the side of a mountain then it has to be very portable since getting it there could require flying it in with a helicopter. In this case, look for the basics that would make the rod spin and provide good rotational torque for getting to the required depth.

For blasthole mining, find a drill that will allow you to drill projects with single path. If you can avoid changing steel in production drilling, there’s a lot of benefit. Because there is such a wide variety of mines, it’s important to determine what size holes you plan to drill and what kind of material you’ll be drilling into when drill hunting. The harder the rock, the more air pressure necessary.

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