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800m Depth Truck Mounted Core Drilling Machine
Jun 14, 2016


HXY-800QT Truck Mounted Drilling Machine is used for geological core drilling, no core drilling, leachable sandstone drilling, also can be used in the field of water well drilling and large hole engineering drilling. The traitor drilling can work across the ungraded roads and the wild deserts where the environmental temperature from -25℃ to 42℃.


1, High degree of standardization, adaptable--large drill torque (M=793kg·fM), drilling rate distribution (n=40-979r/min) and large diameter vertical shaft (Φ91mm).

2, The drilling rig, tower and mud pump are all equipped on the trailer. It is easy to to carry out assembly and disassembly. 

3, Trailer bearing surface height 1320mm, low center of gravity, with good stability.

Technical Data

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