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500m Max Depth Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine for Medium And Deep Rock
Jun 14, 2016

The HXY-500 medium and deep rock core drilling machine is a complete hydraulic pressure feed-in, mechanical impetus head rotary type drilling machine independently created by our institute. It is mainly used in all kinds of engineering drilling such as diamond or hard alley rock core drilling in solid mineral bed, project address exploration, underground water and well etc. It is also suitable for engineering drilling such as ventilation in mine sap, drainage and stake radix perfusion stake hole, dyke slurry injection and leakage filling.


1, The vertical shaft has many rotating levels, their distribution is reasonable, and the torque is great at low speed;

2, The windlass is strong, its planet gear adopts suspension arm support on the precondition of completely guaranteeing its intention; the structure is simple, easy to dismantle and maintain, great airproof capacity; and the lubrication in the machine is great.

3, The vertical shaft has a long feeding journey, which is favorable for improving the efficiency of the drilling machine, reduce accidents such as congestion and burning of the drilling machine;

4, The hydraulic system adopts double joint gear pump fuel supply, it is convenient to choose the big and small displacement; the systematic pressure is stable, the temperature of the fuel is low, and the power consumption is small. Most of the controlling valves has four circuits, which can offer pressure fuel for the hydraulic pressure machine. The frequently dismantled glue pipe adopts fast change and self-seal interface, which is convenient to dismantle, and consumes few fuel.

5, The pressure indicator at the bottom of the hole adopts shockproof manometer with plunge type structure, which is accurate and has a long service life.

6, The clutch is in fuel immersion type, its capacity is reliable, the startup is stable, the overloading protection is great and has a long service life,It is attached with arresting device, and can stop quickly.

7, The entire structure is simple, with reasonable layout. The intension of the components is high and the stability is great; it is easy to dismantle and move, and convenient to repair, maintain, firm and endurable.

8, The manipulating handles are converged, so the operation is flexible and reliable. The engine can choose electromotor or diesel engine according to demand.

Technical Data

1, Depth of drill bore:500m(utilize Φ43×6 drill stem)

2, Gyrator, it’s angel of drill bore: 0~360°

3, Rotating speed of vertical axis: (when the engine rotates at 1500r/min)

  Forward rotating:61;110;174;124;317;550;870;1200r/min

  Reverse rotating:50,248r/min.

  Feeding-in journey of vertical axis:600mm.     

  Maximum lifting capacity of the vertical axis:6000KN.

  Maximum feeding-in pressure adding capacity of vertical axis:4000KN.

4, Windlass(single rope) Maximum elevating capacity:3200KN

  Elevating speed (the 3rd layer): 0.45; 0.77; 1.23; 1.70m/s

  Diameter and Capacity of the roll:42m(Φ14); 38m(Φ15)

5, Fuel pump :adopts double joint gear pump

  Twin pump displacement 32L+11 L/(1000r/min)

  Rated working pressure: 8Mpa   Maximum pressure 12 12Mpa

6, Electric motor: Y180L – 4      22 KW  1470 r/min 

  Diesel engine: 3100B2        33 horsepower  1500 r/min

7, The drilling machine (not including impetus)1100kg;  Weight of the biggest component: 150kg

8, Size of drilling machine(length×width×height) : 2210*960*1700mm

Machine type


HXY-500A(new product)


electric engine


30KW(Increased dynamic style)

diesel engine



Rotating speed of vertical axis



Windlass:Elevating capacity (single rope)



Angel of drill bore



Feeding-in journey of vertical axis



Diameter of vertical axis interior hole



Piston journey of the portable machine device



Gearbox and clutch

Self-made fuel soaking gearbox and clutch

Automobile gearbox and clutch

Hydraulic pressure system

32L+11 L/min  8Mpa

32L+11 L/min  8Mpa

Exterior size



Weight (not including impetus)



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