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3 Keys to Maximizing Pump Life in Mining Applications(Ⅲ)
Sep 28, 2016

Total System Design

With the appropriate equipment in place, long service life depends on effective maintenance. By some estimates, unaccounted for downtime costs up to 10 times as much as planned downtime for things like routine maintenance.

Keeping accurate service records in a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can reveal valuable information about pump performance. If a pump is generating excessive work orders, and downtime is increasing, it might not be the right pump for the application.

In addition, CMMS enables condition-based maintenance practices in which tasks are performed at the ideal time — neither earlier than required nor too late.

Remote monitoring allows management operators to use systems controls to wirelessly access and control a mine’s pump operating status. This eliminates the cost of sending technicians on rounds to check equipment. Reduced performance or frequent alarms should be reviewed to determine if repair actions need to be taken before a catastrophic failure occurs, to prevent taking equipment out of use for potentially days, weeks or months.

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